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FrameAlloy Internal Cabling frame
ForkThreadless steel rigid fork
TyreRalson 16” x 2.40 tire
Crank Set32T X 115mm cotterless chainwheel with chain cover
Pedalpvc pedal
RimsRim Double Wall Alloy 36H
Brake SetFront & Rear V-Brake
Handle Bar480mm steel handlebar
Seat Pillar8” steel seatpillar

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Introducing the Frooty Green 16 In, your reliable and efficient companion for cycling adventures. Meticulously crafted for durability and style, this bike ensures a seamless blend of robust performance and eye-catching aesthetics.

The cotterless chainwheel, featuring a 32T X 115mm chainwheel with a protective chain cover, provides reliable and efficient pedaling, enhancing the overall stability during your rides. Its clean design and internal cabling not only add to the bike’s durability but also contribute to its sleek appearance, complementing the vibrant Frooty Green color.

Navigating with precision is made effortless with the Threadless steel rigid fork, offering stability and control across various terrains. The Ralson 16” x 2.40 tire strikes a perfect balance between reliability and maneuverability, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Rolling on dependable wheels with the Rim Double Wall Alloy 36H, the Frooty Green 16 In guarantees strength and stability throughout your cycling adventures. The Front & Rear V-Brake system adds responsive and trustworthy braking, enhancing safety and control during descents or sudden stops.

The 480mm steel handlebar, designed for comfortable handgrip, provides a reliable grip for maximum control, making your rides enjoyable and responsive. Additionally, the 8” steel seatpillar offers adjustability, allowing you to personalize your riding position for optimal comfort on the Frooty Green 16 In.

In summary, the Frooty Green 16 In Alloy Internal Cabling frame bike is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a stylish and durable companion designed for reliability and efficiency. Whether you’re cruising through the neighborhood or tackling challenging terrains, this bike is ready to elevate your cycling experience with stability, style, and the vibrant energy of Frooty Green.


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