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The ideal hybrid cycle “Initial”

The ideal hybrid cycle “Initial”

Hello people, I am Karan and I live in Greater Noida. I work in a software company and you know how life is for an IT professional. It’s not about the long work hours but it is the WFH mode over the last 2.5 years which has been more than just a pandemic. I speak for myself here so no offense meant. Before the pandemic hit, life was going on well and I had my work-life balance sorted but with the lockdown, I like everyone else got hit badly. Not just mentally but physically as well. From a fit 72 kgs for my height of 5’11”, I became overweight at 91 kgs. Suddenly my active lifestyle seemed to have gone into a ‘sleep mode’, never to wake up again! I was actively gymming and an occasional swim would also be refreshing. But with everything shut down and nowhere to go, the WFH was more of a stigma on my physical health.

With the weight gain, I also became lazy and then other symptoms also kicked in. From being a person who had never visited the gym in the last few years, I was now visiting the doctor almost every 2nd month. The gym suddenly seemed like a strange place with no inclination to go towards it. I was in a worrisome state of mind and the advice that came from family and friends, and colleagues did not seem inspiring enough. I couldn’t see myself doing any of it. But, that’s when a funny thing happened during one of my visits to the market for grocery shopping, I literally bumped into a cyclist. No one was injured and no damage to property but what caught my eye was the cycle he was riding. So after apologies were exchanged I checked out the cycle he was riding and saw the name Initial on it. Our conversation changed gears as I felt that I had found an answer to my physical problems. Maybe!!!

I got the dealer’s address and went and enquired immediately about the bike with the dealer and he showed me the mode I asked for. It looked so elegant and beautiful. I have never been into cycling and whatever I did during my early years are the only memories I have, and they suddenly kicked in. I rode the Initial and a few more options that were shown and got to know how a hybrid cycle is best suited for the city. I made up my mind to buy a cycle and knew that my family would also not question me about a purchase without any prior discussion. Very soon, I was on my way back home cycling on my new acquisition and it felt good. I knew that cycling was a good way to also get back to the healthy me and I seemed to enjoy the ride and the comfort factor was really good. It’s been a few weeks now that I have been cycling and I am enjoying my Initial so much. I have started taking it to work, and many of my colleagues were impressed by the cycle. It is sleek, suave, and very comfortable. The overall design is excellent it has the looks of an international brand. Not just that, it fits my budget perfectly and is a good deal overall. Now, on my floor at work, I have been able to convince 3 more people to buy the Initial so not only do we have a small group of hybrid bikes that come into work on cycles, but we also go out on weekend trips which are so comfortable, refreshing and I also feel fitter.

I can surely say to you that if you are looking for a good cycle for yourself, your spouse, or your kids, consider the Lucifer Bikes range of cycles. Check their website out at and I am sure that you will find one that suits your purpose.

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