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Lucifire Bikes creates waves at Eurobike 2022

Lucifire Bikes creates waves at Eurobike 2022

Making its international debut at the coveted Eurobike 2022, Lucifire Bikes made an impact in the international cycling business and community with its premium range of MTB and Hybrid cycles. Offering unique frame designs which are lightweight, aerodynamic, and come in a premium dual-tone paint finish, Lucifer Bikes attracted a lot of attention from business and casual visitors who were pleasantly surprised to see an Indian brand that was at par with international standards.

The future is bright for Lucifer Bikes which launched its range of MTB and Hybrid cycles at Ride Asia 2022 a few months ago and has been experiencing a steady growth in its sales and presence across India. Now with promising talks with distributors and dealers in Europe and USA, the brand is looking at making waves in the international markets.

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